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We are translating both the website and the application. It will certainly take some time, but we are making every effort to make it soon.

In a first phase it will be translated into English . Subsequently we plan to translate into Spanish and, depending on the requests, other languages may be considered.

We are very grateful for all contributions to translations.

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Version 1.2.22

It is already in the certification phase and the update will be available shortly.
Access to information such as post-installation recommendations and user manual has been facilitated, directing to the respective area of this website.
Management of Databases has also been improved (since you can manage more than one), as well as small visual arrangements.
Thanks to those who contributed.

Update: Now available!

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This will be the place where visitors can get all the information about AppContas.

It is intended to be dynamic and, therefore, it will be reported here what is being done, what is being planned to do and what suggestions we are considering to implement.

Participate using the contact form.

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